Revit Course

Auto desk Revit Architecture software. it a re bost architecture design. Revit Course it is used for building Designing software. The Feature tool. The Focus of this Revit Course in rawalpindi is a modeling tools. how to use a Revit software to produce a modeling and construction software. Revit Course after attending this Course for students will be able to produce a plan of elevation, Section Details, and set up sheets for plotting, Auto desk Revit Architecture is a architectural design for Revit software application create by Autodesk company. Autodesk for architects for building professional . Revit Course in rawalpindi . This tools and features that make up a Revit architecture are specifically designed for support building modeling workflows. Revit is a building designing for Mechanical, Electrical, and Revit map engineers , designers developed by Autodesk, Revit Software tools are used for creating design in architecture, engineering, constriction and manufacturing and the industries of AutoCAD was the first software interduse by Autodesk introduction of Revit MEP, with supports design that conform to BIM Building information Modeling Standard for designers who are interested in professional software. AutoDesk Offer a Revit Software 2017. Online it Center a Revit Course in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Having helped many architectural, engineering and MEP companies build a solid foundation in their businesses using Revit software, Revit Course in Rawalpindi will team will ensure that you get off to a flying start using this powerful 3D modelling software in the first instance, and that you are advised of any ongoing Revit training requirements to ensure your maximum success going forward.

Revit Course Outline

Introduction to Revit 
o Building Information Modeling w
o Revit Course in rawalpindi
o Opening a Revit  Project
o Viewing Commands
 Basic Drawing and Editing Tools
o Drawing Tools
o Editing Revit
o Modifying Tools
o Additional Editing
 Starting Revit MEP Projects
o Starting Revit
o Linking Revit
o Copying and Monitoring
 Views
o Duplicating
o Adding
o Creating
o Creating
 Autodesk Revit MEP Systems
o About Revit MEP Systems
o Components
o Overview
o System Graphics
o Connecting
o Analyzing
o Setting Up Sheets
o Placing and Modifying Views on Sheets
o Printing Sheets
 Annotating Construction Documents
o Working with Dimensions
o Working with Text
o Adding Detail Lines and Symbols
o Creating Legends
 Tags and Schedules
o Adding Tags
o Working with Schedules
o Creating Schedules
 Detailing with Revit MEP
o Setting Up Detail Views
o Creating Details
o Annotating Details