HSE || Safety Officer Course in Peshawar – Mardan

HSE || Safety Officer Course in Peshawar – Mardan

Different companies, mills and factories keep on reminding safety rules through a safety officer. As they appoint new workers or install new machinery, they arrange safety workshop. For this purpose they appoint safety officers in their organization. During work, safety officers keep on guiding them about their safety they are highly demanded by national and international companies. Foreign countries a required them in huge quantity. Being aware of these facts our institute offer safety officer course in Mardan and Peshawar.  Haris institute offer a Safety Officer course in Peshawar and Mardan

Scope of this Safety Officer Course

This is a short term Safety Officer Course in Peshawar , with little effort you will be competent in this field after availing this course you can work in National and international organization with handsome salary. You can be settled in foreign country with your family. As we know that unemployment is at its peak. This Safety Officer Course in Peshawar will enable you to secure your future. Companies want to show that they care a lot for safety of their workers from labor to senior executive. Without safety information a worker can face injury or even death. Company prefers to make sure safety of their employees it must be sense among all citizen of this world. Safety Officer Course in Peshawar / Safety Officer Course in mardan


They studies different incidents and accidents which caused injuries or deaths of workers. He collects data and make sure that such incidents want be happened in future. He discusses with his seniors about his findings and they change their policies regarding their workers. To monitor work place is one of the duties of a Safety Officer Course in Peshawar  he make sure whether workers are according to safety rules of company and government safety regulations he is appointed for safety inspections and safety COURSE. It is his duty to inspect interior and exterior of working place to make sure that there is no problem for workers. He makes sure that equipment’s are complete he inspects broken are near to break equipment’s and replace them with new ones. He finds if any of chemical is expired are leaking from any container. He also force workers to wear personnel protective equipment’s and follow company’s rule regarding safety. Safety Officer Course in PeshawarSafety Officer Course in mardan

To investigate accident

If an accident happened at work place then Safety Officer Course in Peshawar investigate the causes of accident. He may questions from witnesses, observe the accident place and take the pictures of damaged material. Once he completes his findings, judge the cause of accident, write a report about it and give suggestions to prevent such accident. Safety Officer Course in Peshawar

Coaching and Course in Safety

Training on safety topics is one of the main responsibilities of a safety officer, which they keep on delivering to workers. Fire prevention planned, material handling and machine guarding are some of the topics he used to deliver. Safety officer observe training need and they developed training programs. He also conducts feedback from workers and tries to improve skill. Safety Officer Course in Peshawar
In our last words we suggest everyone to avail this opportunity because this is a respectable profession, they get handsome salary and other benefit. People become a safety officer in Peshawar in couple of months. This Safety Officer Course in Peshawar is a beacon of hope for those who are hopeless about their future. Safety Officer Course in mardan

Safety Officer Course Outline

  • Safety, Health and Environment Policy
  • Safety, Health and Environment objectives
  • General Safety rules
  • Emergency instructions
  • Action in case of spillage / leakage of any chemical
  • Fire Protection System
  • Personnel Protective Equipment and its training
  • Hazards of Noise, Stress and Heat and precautions
  • Employees and employers duties of health and safety
  • Accident investigation and its effectiveness
  • Safe system of work
  • Permit To Work (PTW) and its types
  • Safe use of workplace equipment
  • Manual handling hazards and precautions
  • Fire and evacuation
  • Identify common hazards and risks in the workplace and advise on suitable corrective actions
  • Identify sources of guidance and advice on health and safety,
  • Hazards communication and its importance in the organization
  • First Aid
  • Recommend suitable action to minimize risks,
  • Investigate accidents, prepare reports,
  • Make cost effective proposals to prevent recurrence,
  • Promotion of safety culture
  • Safety Officer Course in mardan

Safety Officer Course Duration: 1 Months

Safety Officer Course in Peshawar – Mardan for More information Call Now: 0333-9374494

Health and Safety Officer Course

Safety officer courses are designed for individuals who are taking on health and safety responsibilities within their workplace.

Health and safety officer courses are typically nationally recognised and accredited by a UK examining body such as the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH) or the British Safety Council. These industry training courses are usually offeried in various learning methods including traditional classroom based learning, elearning and distance learning.

safety officer training will typically teach the course delegates to understand workplace safety laws and legislations, how to conduct risk assessments and implement control measures to prevent accidents and injuries from happening.

The position of safety officer is an important role within any organization and the role is usually adopted by owners and directors in smaller organizations or supervisors and managers within larger organizations.

Occupational safety training of this nature usually involves a week or two of intensive training along side written examinations.

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