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AutoDesk AutoCAD Course in Pesahwar | Mardan

AutoCAD Course in Peshawar – Mardan

AutoCAD is a drafting software program of a computer. It is use to create blue prints of bridges, Buildings & other things. For the field of architecture construction manufacturing it is a 2-D & 3-D computer program. Those who are competent in this profession are often called drafters. Our institute offer AutoCAD course in Peshawar & Rawalpindi. We have a highly repute able institute with highly trained faculty.

Most of our youngsters want to go to Gulf countries, because these countries are not too far. One can easily come to his native country to enjoy holidays. This AutoCAD course in Peshawar would help them to go there & get a respectable job. Except for Gulf countries European countries also demand drafters in bulk for their countries. In homeland countries one can easily get job in National or international company. In short after doing this AutoCAD Course your future will be secured. It is an era a diplomas as diploma holders get easily jobs as compare to degree holders. It is a short course with less effort you become a trained drafter. AutoCAD Course in Peshawar – Mardan, AutoCAD Course in Mardan

Skills & Responsibilities of AutoCAD Course:

These are the duties that a drafter has to perform.They design or prepare program with the help of computer with aided design & darting software.They produce design of products by using understanding of engineering.They add detail about architecture plans by using their knowledge regarding autoCAD officer computerized blue prints of building, vehicles, toys, Plumbing material, Sanitary material, machines & plenty of other things. AutoCAD Course in Mardan

These are some of the Activities &b responsibilities of drafter They must be frequent in one are more autoCAD’S programs. He is to create blue prints of buildings, appliances, toys etc. He has to provide measurement dimensions & notes to complete the project. He has to have communicated with his co staff to collect necessary detail, optimize designs & solve the problems. He has to modify design to meet the deficiencies & limit.One can be a best drafter if he has creativity & thinking power as his work is related develop various designs. AutoCAD Course in Peshawar

So drafters are required in almost each and every field. This is the reason demand of drafters is increasing day by day. To be a best drafter you need to have full knowledge of your profession, you must have a sense of creativity; you must have good communicative skills to talk to your seniors & clients. It is the most famous software with highest job demand in & out of country. One can specialize in it to get better earning availing this diploma you can do ample of computer related drafts. AutoCAD Course in Peshawar. AutoCAD Course in Mardan

Different institute offer online course. We suggest you to get this education offline from a highly reputed institute because online learning has many lacks have in it. AutoCAD Course in Peshawar

Education Requirement about AutoCAD Course

To get admission in this AutoCAD Course you must have done your matriculation. If you are intermediate, graduate or masters then it is consider a plus point higher education will enable you to learn earlier. If you have done you matriculation then you can get admission & diploma further improvement with passage of time.

In our concluding words we strongly suggested you to do this AutoCAD Course in Peshawar & Mardan.

Haris institute offer a AutoCAD Course

AutoCAD Course Outline

  • Introduction of AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD -2D
  • AutoCAD-3D
  • front elevation
  • Section
  • foundation
  • Layers

AutoCAD Course Duration: 2 Months

AutoCAD Course in Peshawar and Mardan For More Information Call Now: 0321-9102944

Training Programs

Training in AutoCAD software and computer-aided drafting can be found at technical and community colleges, including certificate or associate degree programs in AutoCAD, drafting, or engineering technology. Most of these programs feature courses that focus on the hands-on use of the AutoCAD software package. Some programs may even prepare students for AutoCAD industry certification.

Bachelor’s degree programs in related fields, such as engineering, may also require students to take AutoCAD courses.

Career Information

While drafters work in a number of specialties, the five most common specialization areas are as follows: mechanical, architectural, civil, electrical, and electronics.

  • Mechanical drafters prepare plans for machinery and mechanical devices.
  • Architectural drafters draw up plans for residential and commercial buildings.
  • Civil drafters draw up plans for use in the design and building of roadways, bridges, sewer systems, and other major projects.
  • Electrical drafters work with electricians to prepare diagrams of wiring electrical system layouts.
  • Electronics drafters also prepare wiring diagrams for use in the making, installing, and repairing of electronic gadgets.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2015, the median annual salary for drafters in general was $52,720. As reported by the BLS, drafters in general as well as architectural and civil drafters could expect a 3% decline in employment from 2014 to 2024. During this same ten year period, employment opportunities for mechanical drafters may decline by 7% while job opportunities for electrical and electronics drafters are projected to increase by 5% from 2014-2024, which is about average when compared to all other occupations.

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